Baseball and Compostable Packaging

Can America’s pastime change the flow of trash headed to landfills? Bridge-Gate Alliance Group thinks so, one plate at a time.

Baseball season is upon us and whether major-league, minor-league or little-league, fans love to eat while watching a game. Sandwiches made home or picked up from local restaurants are wrapped, plated or transported in a hinged container or eaten on foam plates. Imagine the millions of plates and hingeware containers used at the stadium. All of that servingware headed for trashcans and ultimately to landfills.

The Bridge-Gate bio-pulped line of servingware is 100% compostable. Change starts at the local level. Consumers are accustomed now to separate cans, bottles and paper. If you bring awareness to stadium operators to add a compostable can, consumers will naturally pitch-in, literally.

Attendance at the Major League Baseball parks last year was 74 million. Add Minor and Little League and it is easy to image 100 million wrappers headed to landfills every year. If we could convert just 10% of those to compostable, that would save 10 million plates or hingeware containers this baseball season. Add football and soccer and Americans could easily keep 20+ million plates a year out of the landfills.

baseball and hot dog

The Bridge-Gate bio-pulped line of servingware is 100% compostable. What is great about compostables, is that we convert our plates to a useful product. This goes beyond being merely biodegradable. Use of compost is on the rise in cities and rural communities for parks, as well as by backyard gardeners. When consumers buy compost that contains Bridge-Gate servingware, they are participating in closing the loop on resource use. As discussed in the Disney movie, “The Lion King”, it’s one of those circle of life things.

As the saying goes, you are either part of the problem, or you are part of the solution. Use compostable servingware and become part of the solution; it is so easy and everyone wins.

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