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Eco Is the New Reality

The California droughtfood waste, and other natural phenomena that have affected crops from chocolate to pumpkins have given rise to consumers’ concerns about how their food and beverage products impact the environment. Manufacturers are embracing sustainability efforts throughout their supply chain, from the sustainable sourcing of cocoa and palm oil to reducing the use of water during processing. Renewable packaging, including recyclable and plant-based, has also become more popular in the industry.

Earlier this year, PepsiCo announced more than $375 million in savings since the company established its sustainability goals in 2010.

These moves also include those dealing with the treatment of animals for food. General Mills recently announced a 10-year timeline for its goal to source only cage-free eggs, and Kellogg made a similar announcement last month.

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Build Soil with Compost

We have three choices on what do with garbage:  Recycle, compost or dump into a landfill.  (Of course, littering is another option, but not one we condone.)

Obviously, we understand what happens to recycled goods and the garbage, but compost can end up in a number of different areas.  Waste companies have a unique challenge of finding end users to take away their compost.  Here a few of the destinations of your compostable items:

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Summer Fairgoers Enjoy Fried Foods and Generate Less Waste

Summer vacations are in full swing, as is the country’s great summer tradition of taking the family to county and state fairs. The fairs have fun for all ages: the rides, concerts, farm animals, fireworks and carnival games. And what may be the most bizarre tradition: Eating fattening unhealthy foods.

Forget the food booths selling hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and cotton candy. What’s really tempting fairgoers are unique high calorie, high fat items such as fried Twinkies, deep fried pickle dogs, golden fried peanut butter sandwiches, deep-fried nacho balls … hungry yet?

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