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California City Turns to Compostables to Fight Drought

California is in its fourth year of reduced rainfall, leading to one of its worst droughts in modern times. Cities throughout the state have been cutting back, and one town, Fort Bragg, located along the coast in northern California, has been some of them most drastic water conservation steps.

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Hoagies Rise in Popularity

Whether you call them hoagies, grinders, subs or heroes, big sandwiches with cold cuts, cheese and condiments are popular as a carry-out item.

Americans are constantly on the move. Although we would like to sit down at a nice table with a tablecloth and candles, the truth of American life today is that people are doing more multi-tasking and our cars have become our dining room table. 7-Eleven®, the popular convenience store chain, estimates that from purchase time to consumption is 12 minutes for most of the prepared foods they sell.

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Figuring out Millennials a Challenge for all Businesses

The business world is completely enamored with Millennials and their eating and shopping habits. It doesn’t matter if it’s Coca-Cola® and McDonalds® trying to reformulate products or Target®, which is planning to offer more organic, natural and gluten-free foods.

Companies are reaching out to Millennials and trying to satisfy their desire to eat healthy, support local stores, save the environment, and communicate via social media.  Also known as Generation Y (or Gen Y), they are the new target consumer demographic, succeeding their parents, the Baby Boomer generation. 

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