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California City Turns to Compostables to Fight Drought

California is in its fourth year of reduced rainfall, leading to one of its worst droughts in modern times. Cities throughout the state have been cutting back, and one town, Fort Bragg, located along the coast in northern California, has been some of them most drastic water conservation steps.

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Law allows compostable bags in HI but ….

but there’s no composting facility in Hawaii

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now) 

Oahu’s controversial plastic bag restrictions that allow plastic bags to continue to be used by many retailers also allow them to use compostable bags, even though there is no composting facility anywhere in the state.

Environmentalists said compostable bags are better than the now-banned plastic bags. But cost was a major factor cited by Oahu merchants why they wanted the compostable bags added in a compromise measure that was approved by the City Council last September.

Compostable bags are roughly a nickel cheaper than the paper bags with recycled content that many merchants are using after the new plastic bag restrictions went into effect on Oahu July 1. read more – http://bit.ly/1hBgifk

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Online Food Choices Vary Throughout the World

It’s no surprise that pizza tops all cuisine as the most requested home delivered choice in the U.S.; in Europe though the orders are all over the map.

With all the strong cultural traditions around food and drinks, one would imagine that most European countries would stay local and order their own national cuisine. But, Italian food is ordered most frequently online across the continent according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The Journal analyzed ordering data from food delivery and online ordering firms in Europe.

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