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California City Turns to Compostables to Fight Drought

California is in its fourth year of reduced rainfall, leading to one of its worst droughts in modern times. Cities throughout the state have been cutting back, and one town, Fort Bragg, located along the coast in northern California, has been some of them most drastic water conservation steps.

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“Waste Not, Want Not” – Restaurants Adopt the Zero Waste Movement

If you have a restaurant, no matter where you stand on global warming and climate change, recycling, composting and just reducing your carbon footprint in some small way, every day, is a noble, feel-good gesture.

Customers will hopefully notice which should yield a profit incentive for businesses: Buying local, reducing packaging, and cutting back on waste can result in savings and economic efficiencies. This is especially true for restaurants where the latest craze is focused on eliminating food waste.

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Build Soil with Compost

We have three choices on what do with garbage:  Recycle, compost or dump into a landfill.  (Of course, littering is another option, but not one we condone.)

Obviously, we understand what happens to recycled goods and the garbage, but compost can end up in a number of different areas.  Waste companies have a unique challenge of finding end users to take away their compost.  Here a few of the destinations of your compostable items:

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