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Law allows compostable bags in HI but ….

but there’s no composting facility in Hawaii

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now) 

Oahu’s controversial plastic bag restrictions that allow plastic bags to continue to be used by many retailers also allow them to use compostable bags, even though there is no composting facility anywhere in the state.

Environmentalists said compostable bags are better than the now-banned plastic bags. But cost was a major factor cited by Oahu merchants why they wanted the compostable bags added in a compromise measure that was approved by the City Council last September.

Compostable bags are roughly a nickel cheaper than the paper bags with recycled content that many merchants are using after the new plastic bag restrictions went into effect on Oahu July 1. read more – http://bit.ly/1hBgifk

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Composting and Science

Thousands of years ago, our early ancestors discovered that if they mixed food scraps in their garden, the soil improved and the garden produced more food. The science of composting was born and ever since, humans have experimented with better methods to improve soil and dispose of waste.

Today, compost is a commercial product so companies have incentive to produce the highest quality at the lowest cost. The profit motive has provided the application of science in order to reduce uncertainty and improve output. 

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