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Trash and Technology

Americans have grown accustomed to the steady march of new technology. Many challenges that face our country seem to be solved using new ways of thinking. Can technology resolve the problem of trash?

The average American produces nearly 130 pounds of trash a month. A recent article in the magazine “Nature,” asks people to consider that global solid-waste generation will triple by 2100, to 11 million tons a day.

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Top 10 reasons to Compost – Part 1

It has become common wisdom to compost. People talk about it, municipalities tout it and garden shops push it, especially in the spring when consumers plant flowers and vegetables; but WHY should people compost?

There are many reasons and the Bridge-Gate marketing team assembled Top 10 Reasons to Compost. Below are five great motivations, next time we present five more. 

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Cedar Grove Sets the Standard in Certifying Compostable Products

Truth in Packaging

The year 2015 has begun inauspiciously, as the common theme seems to center on lying and cheating:  The Super Bowl champion Patriots won their divisional championship with under-inflated, easier-to-catch footballs; last year’s Little League champions borrowed players from neighboring districts to beef up the team; and NBC News Anchor Brian Williams made up stories about his war coverage. 

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