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Green Movement at Universities Falls Short with Pizza

Of course, it’s common knowledge that everybody loves pizza. Where that love turns into infatuation is on college campuses.

Students at universities nationwide eat pizza for snacks, lunch, dinner, and if they’re leftovers, cold pizza for breakfast is an ideal hangover cure.

College students also love to recycle, as Generation Z claims to be the greenest of all. Their goal is to take the environmental movement beyond recycling … the big exception is the conundrum of composting pizza boxes.

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Compostable Packaging Can Make a Difference in Your Brand

Corporate America and all businesses are always looking for an edge to increase sales. Package and label design are critical to build brand and help products stand out on crowded retail shelves.

What’s often ignored as a marketing tool is the product label. With the healthy food movement permeating all segments of the U.S. market, it’s reported that almost 70 percent of consumers check out the nutrition information on at least one product while shopping. It’s obvious that consumers want to make more informed decisions about what they’re about to eat.

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