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Compostable Packaging Can Make a Difference in Your Brand

Corporate America and all businesses are always looking for an edge to increase sales. Package and label design are critical to build brand and help products stand out on crowded retail shelves.

What’s often ignored as a marketing tool is the product label. With the healthy food movement permeating all segments of the U.S. market, it’s reported that almost 70 percent of consumers check out the nutrition information on at least one product while shopping. It’s obvious that consumers want to make more informed decisions about what they’re about to eat.

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California City Turns to Compostables to Fight Drought

California is in its fourth year of reduced rainfall, leading to one of its worst droughts in modern times. Cities throughout the state have been cutting back, and one town, Fort Bragg, located along the coast in northern California, has been some of them most drastic water conservation steps.

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How Corporate America is Leading a Green Packaging Revolution

Whether felt in their hearts, green washing or some combination, large American companies are forcing change on packaging in order to reduce waste. For companies that are fortunate to sell products to Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or Starbucks, they will do just about anything to maintain the relationship. These corporate giants have leverage over their vendors, and it’s working. In addition, many “copycat” retailers are following suit, extending the benefits.

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