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How Corporate America is Leading a Green Packaging Revolution

Whether felt in their hearts, green washing or some combination, large American companies are forcing change on packaging in order to reduce waste. For companies that are fortunate to sell products to Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or Starbucks, they will do just about anything to maintain the relationship. These corporate giants have leverage over their vendors, and it’s working. In addition, many “copycat” retailers are following suit, extending the benefits.

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Myth Over Reality – Which is More Eco-Friendly: Brown or White Packaging?

In the world of color psychology, it’s fairly certain that consumers associate brown as the more environmental friendly choice.  As a packaging option, “Brown” gives the feeling of natural, organic, strength and comfort.  And of course, there is an earthiness to brown.

On the other hand, the color “White” is associated with cleanliness, innocence, purity and conservative.  All fairly positive attributes, but the pristine look of white does not shout out natural and organic as compared to brown.  

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