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Summer Fairgoers Have More Fun and Generate Less Waste

The summer is reaching the half-way point, so Americans are in the midst of enjoying the great tradition of having fun at their county and state fairs.  We all love the rides, concerts, farm animals, fireworks and of course, food booths selling hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, and even fried Twinkies!

What’s not so fun about these huge events is all the waste that’s generated. In the past, the American “tradition” has been to just haul all the garbage to the landfill. For the past few decades, a number of large fairs and small community events have focused on waste as a way to save money, adopting a number of simple ideas: 

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Earth Day 2014: How Every Consumer Can Change the World

It is Earth Day and very few people will take off work or school to pick up trash or help to restore a wetland area.  However, every single person can make a decision today to start ridding the world of excess plastic and other unrecyclable waste.

We propose that you make an extra effort this year to switch to using compostable products.  It can start by asking your favorite restaurants why they serve food in throwaway polystyrene (Styrofoam) containers, or deliver your food in paper or plastic boxes.

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Better Than Styrofoam

Do you realize Americans used and threw away 2.5 billion Styrofoam cups last year!

The landfills also bulged from the millions of Styrofoam food containers, packing peanuts, etc. With so many environmentally sound alternatives – especially in food packaging – why do we tolerate so much Styrofoam? 

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