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“Waste Not, Want Not” – Restaurants Adopt the Zero Waste Movement

If you have a restaurant, no matter where you stand on global warming and climate change, recycling, composting and just reducing your carbon footprint in some small way, every day, is a noble, feel-good gesture.

Customers will hopefully notice which should yield a profit incentive for businesses: Buying local, reducing packaging, and cutting back on waste can result in savings and economic efficiencies. This is especially true for restaurants where the latest craze is focused on eliminating food waste.

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Springtime is Perfect for Compost

As a bitter winter turns to spring, many people are thinking about warmer weather and planting a garden. Improving soil includes the addition of compost. International Compost Awareness Week is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the compost industry and is celebrated this year May 3-9.

Commercial compost is produced by mixing food scraps, lawn and leaf trimmings and other compostable material like wood pulp. More consumers and foodservice operators have turned to compostable servingware to complete the cycle of re-use. 

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KFC Goes Green With Opening New Eco-Friendly Restaurant In Indianapolis

KFC goes green and starts with one of its operations in Indianapolis with a new eco-friendly restaurant.

KFC Opened Eco-Friendly Restaurant in Indianapolis. KFC opened an eco-friendly restaurant in Indianapolis on April 26, 2011. The KFC Green restaurant was designed with the planet in mind, featuring design advances in areas of energy efficiency, community connections, water conservation and sensible materials, according to KFC.com.

The restaurant features a number of green design and construction features, including energy-efficient cooking equipment; low-power, long-life LED lighting; locally sourced building materials; fixtures designed for lower water use; and waste recycling, according to KFC.com.

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